Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who Are You?

Just a note to the 20-40 people that stop by my blog every day:
Take a moment to sign the guestbook or make a comment, please! I'd like to know who is visiting me! :-) Thanks!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Enjoying Spring

We've been enjoying the beautiful weather lately! Juliana has discovered that she likes playing outside, and will not come in the house on her own two feet anymore. I have to drag her in, kicking and screaming all the way! Grandma & Grandpa Davis (Ma-Ma and Ba-Pa, according to Juju) live across the street from us, and she's always trying to run to their house - I guess it's a good thing the neighbors pretty well watch where they're going around here, because she's been in the street a couple of times before I could catch her! :-0
She's also discovered something else she likes, in the last couple of weeks - the Park! I've been taking her to the park about once a week, and she loves it. Last week, after she'd been playing for a while, I told her it was time to go and she laid down in the grass and bawled. :-( Her favourite thing is the swings.

Just a swingin'

Looking at the water under the bridge

Enjoying the sunshine

Here she's listening to some music. It's more fun with headphones!

She loves chips! I caught her in the act a few weeks ago; she'd dumped the all out on the chair nd was happily eating them...she very quickly handed the bag to me when she realized I'd seen her!

Friday, May 2, 2008


I got this in an email the other day and thought it was worth sharing:

No Crosses on Federal Property!

Did you see in the news last week where the supreme court doesn't want any crosses on Federal property?

Crosses on Federal Property?
Well duh.........

Let them try to remove these!

Funny, but scary!