Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I just wanted to take a minute to say happy Father's Day to the bestest Daddy in the world!

I know it's late, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Brad, thank you for being the best Daddy any little girl could wish for!We love you!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm Back!

Sorry it's been so long!
Thanks to all of you that took time to make your presence known! I must confess, I've been to all of your blogs a time or two! :-) Please don't think I was upset because no one was signing the guestbook...just curious!
Well, Miss Juliana is now 18 months old! We went to the Dr. for her checkup yesterday. She is 33" tall and weighs almost 27 pounds! (She weighed 20 at 9 mo., 21 at 12 mo.) We had been starting to get an itty-bitty bit concerned because she wasn't gaining weight, but she made up for it! The good news-we got all the pokies out of the way for a few years! YAY! Sorry, but holding my (screaming) baby down while a nurse pokes needles in her is not exactly my idea of fun.
Speaking of screaming....she's talking!! She's been talking a fair bit all along, but in the last few day she's been yapping about everything! While sitting in the the waiting room at the Dr's office, whe was looking at her coloring book, asking me what everything was ("Wha's 'is?")and repeating it after me. We talked about boys (most of them are "bubby"), girls, bears (Boo), birds (also Boo), Starfish, Berries (sounds like bears), baskets, and hippos. When we came to a zebra, I told her it was (or course) a zebra, to which she replied 'no, horse'. Don't ask me where she learned it - I'm just her mother!!
If she falls, we always ask if she's ok, so now anytime she trips or falls down she jumps up and says " 'k! "
Today she learned to say 'Cade' (a little boy where we sometimes work), and 'cold', and 'more'. She says 'thank you' when she gives you something - and sometimes even when YOU give HER something! :-) She can sing "The B-I-B-L-E", at least the"B-I-B" part...and she can also say 'Jesus', but if you ask her if she loves Jesus, she says no. However, she doesn't love the devil either, so that's a good thing! (She does love Mommy, though.)
Needless to say, we're having fun with our little talker, and she seems to be having fun learning!
She loves to talk about and look at 'Goggies', but since Thor (our dog who is about the size of a small pony and very bouncy) tried to jump on her and another little dog tried to bite her, she's gets a little worried if they get too close to her. We're working on that! She likes kitties, too, but doesn't know quite what to do with them. (Kitties say 'wow', by the way; goggies say 'woowoo')
You're probably getting tired of hearing about all the cute things Juju says, but I'll leave you with this one. It never fails to make people laugh when someone walks out of her sight, because she always throws her little hands up in the air and says in the most confused voice, "where'd'e go?"