Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hey, everybody! Time for an update:

*I'm tired of packing
*I'm tired of my husband being gone
*I'm tired of living in a war zone
*I'm tired of not being able to find anything
*I'm tired of winter
Come to think of it....I'm just TIRED!

Brad is coming back next Thursday night to get the rest of our stuff AND his wife and daughter. I'm about ready to just start throwing everything away so I don't have to deal with it, so he'd better get back here soon! :-) Anybody want a dog? clothes? fish tank? house? lawnmower? If you do, come on over! Seriously, I do need to find somone to take the dog, and this fish are so old I don't think they could take the trip, I've gotten rid of so many clothes it's not funny, we need someone to rent the house, AND I do have a lawnmower to sell! :-)3

Did I mention that I HATE MOVING?

ok. I'm sure you've gotten the point by now...pray for me, that I don't lose my mind!

Nevermind. It's too late - I already did! Pray for me, that I find it again! (it's probably in a box somewhere)