Thursday, July 17, 2008

Old Time Is Still A'Flying...

And how! I can't believe it's been a month since I updated this thing!

We just got back from Camp on Saturday night, and we've been busy catching up all the little things that got behind with us being gone for a week. It's crazy how things that you don't pay that much attention to when you're home get so messed up when you're gone for a few days! Somehow we always end up with a pile of mail that threatens to obliterate the sun when we get home - and most of it is worthless...

We enjoyed Camp - at least, most of it! I think the first thing we all did when we got back was take a bath... We used to complain about our water, but after last week, our water is looking pretty good, even if it does leave white stuff on our dishes - at least it's not orange and smelly!
I especially enjoyed the services at camp. Yes, it's tiring sometimes, especially with trying to keep Juliana occupied, but it definitely refreshing for my soul to spend a few days with God! It's amazing how faithful He is to meet with us when we spend a little time seeking Him! I know I tend to get caught up with taking care of things that have to be done and a lot of times forget to spend as much time with Him as I should, and camp gives me a week when I can just ignore a lot of things and focus on Jesus.
Juliana enjoyed the time running around and playing with boys! In the space of a week, she had boys giving her flowers, trying to kiss her, and telling her she was cute! If she's alreay breaking hearts at 19 months, what is she going to be like at 16? Please, pray for us...
She's loved having her Aunt "Bebe" (Bethany) around. In her eyes, Beth hung the moon - She spoils her rotten is what she does, but it's only for a few weeks out of the years, so I guess we can live with it! :-) We actually kind of like having her around, too, although you wouldn't catch her 'Bubby' admitting it! (Brad)
Juju has also been loving her pool! She is always trying to get me to take her to the 'wahwy'. Unfortunately, the wahwie sometimes gets in her nose, eyes and which points she takes my hand and rubs her face with it and says "Mommy, wahwie nose!" (or whatever part is affected):-)
She learns so may new words every day! Tonight she was being grumpy, and I told her she needed to get a better attitude - and she nodded her head and said 'attitude'. At camp, we were pushing her in her stroller when a little boy got in fromt of her and she told him, plain as day, "Get out of the way!" Needless to say, she hasn't learned about manners yet!

Well, I've been trying to upload pictures, but the computer says it can't do it because I'm not coneected to the internet, which I obviously am, or I would not be typing this. Computers! You'll have to see pictures some other day!