Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake! (and look at it, too!)

Friday, my day was spent with sugar. And shortening. And dye. Lots of all of the above!
But, first, we had to make a little trip to Walmart to get a couple of things we needed. While we were there, we stopped by the toy department to find a birthday present for a certain little the future, I think that all trips to the toy dept. will be limited to times when the kiddos are NOT with me! Walking down the aisles, Jonathan would see trucks and cars (some from the movie CARS), and he kept looking at me with his little puppy-dog eyes, pointing at the toys and saying (in a pitiful little voice),
"mum, pwease? Dat! Pwease, mum?"

I gave up on the toys, grabbed a Thomas dvd for the present, and headed out.
There's only so much puppy-eyes a mommy can take!!

Anyway, back to the sugar.
Remember the certain little boy I mentioned?
Well, his name is Connor and he just had a birthday - he's 2 years old!
His mommy and daddy wanted him to have a Thomas the Tank Engine cake for his party, and since Bethany (our resident cake-decorator-person) was busy, I got to do it! :-) (She did make the cake- I just added a few minor details on the outside! :D)

4 lbs. of powdered sugar, 2 cups of shortening, and miscellaneous other somewhat good-tasting things later, here's what we came up with:

A work in progress

Almost finished

All done!
(Ju's one request was that she could have a piece of the traintracks at the party! :-) She has now decided that SHE wants a train cake for HER birthday. How very girly! Actually, she informed me that she wants Emily - one of Thomas's friends - on it, and Emily is a girl train, so it's ok.)

...and the side view. Yes, I know it's crooked. This was my first full-decor cake - You didn't expect it to be perfect, did you?

Bubby and the Birthday Boy - they were scooping the sand out of the sand-box and dumping it in the pool. Silly BOYS!

All in all, it was kinda fun. I might do it again - someday.
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Monday, September 19, 2011

PART 2: The Princess and Her Puppy-dog

This is a story of a princess and her puppydog.

The Princess

The Puppy

(Disclaimer: I am not calling my son a dog. However, said son likes to pretend he is a dog, crawling around the house and barking at people. A favorite game of the son and his sister is hims pretending to be her puppy - they roam the house and she gives him orders, pretty much the same as when they're not playing puppy. :-) Back to the story)

One day, the princess was eating an ice cream sandwich. She was feeling particularly kind that day, and she knows that the way to a puppy's [man's] heart is through his stomach, so she decided to share with her puppy. (Who had already eaten his ice cream sandwich)

[Or, maybe she just didn't want to finish it and decided to put it in her garbage-can of choice - the puppy. Whatever.]

Anyway, the princess fed the puppy the ice cream.

The puppy pledged his undying faithfulness to his beloved Princess. (At least until the next time she takes something from him) [which was probably about five minutes later.]

And with chocolate-smeared faces, the pair went off to find something else to destroy.

Until Mommy caught them and made them wash up.

The End.

Someone has pointed out that most of the pictures I post of Jonathan contain food. Really, he doesn't eat ALL of the time. Just most of it. :-)

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PART 1: The Princess and Her Hair

Ok, so I know none of your mothers ever did anything weird to your hair, right?

And of course, on the off chance that POSSIBLY your mother did something odd to your hair at some point, you would never do anything like that to your daughter. RIGHT?

Well, aside from parting it down the middle and pulling it back so tightly that my eyes slanted...
...and giving us the "goat-ears" hairstyle (side braids looped up to look like ears)...
...and the "whalespout" do (ponytail on top so it 'spouted')...
my mom NEVER did anything strange to my hair. :-D

And I, OF COURSE, would never dream of humiliating my dear, sweet little daughter like that.

Ha Ha...

Introducing: The Princess and Her Hair

Ever heard of rag curls?

Well, on a whim, I decided to try them.

The Rag-headed Princess

She thought it was pretty funny.

(I like this crrraaaazy hair!)

Now, I don't usually curl her hair. There is a reason for this - and it's not that I have some problem with curls.
You see, she has naturally curly hair; with a little water and some scrunching she has curls. The few times I have put her hair in curlers just to try it, it turned out all funky and frizzy/spiky. So we don't curl it.
Enter the rag curls.

The finished work.

Ok, it didn't turn out too bad, but probably not something we'll do too often.
However, notice the person in the curls.

Isn't she cute? :-)
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