Monday, September 19, 2011

PART 1: The Princess and Her Hair

Ok, so I know none of your mothers ever did anything weird to your hair, right?

And of course, on the off chance that POSSIBLY your mother did something odd to your hair at some point, you would never do anything like that to your daughter. RIGHT?

Well, aside from parting it down the middle and pulling it back so tightly that my eyes slanted...
...and giving us the "goat-ears" hairstyle (side braids looped up to look like ears)...
...and the "whalespout" do (ponytail on top so it 'spouted')...
my mom NEVER did anything strange to my hair. :-D

And I, OF COURSE, would never dream of humiliating my dear, sweet little daughter like that.

Ha Ha...

Introducing: The Princess and Her Hair

Ever heard of rag curls?

Well, on a whim, I decided to try them.

The Rag-headed Princess

She thought it was pretty funny.

(I like this crrraaaazy hair!)

Now, I don't usually curl her hair. There is a reason for this - and it's not that I have some problem with curls.
You see, she has naturally curly hair; with a little water and some scrunching she has curls. The few times I have put her hair in curlers just to try it, it turned out all funky and frizzy/spiky. So we don't curl it.
Enter the rag curls.

The finished work.

Ok, it didn't turn out too bad, but probably not something we'll do too often.
However, notice the person in the curls.

Isn't she cute? :-)
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