Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Shall We Name The Baby?

It's a Boy!

He weighs around 1 pound, and is about 8 inches long.

He came to join us about 6 p.m. yesterday.

Although we knew he'd be coming sooner or later, we hadn't expected him quite this early, so we didn't have any names picked out. Any ideas?

Juju is thrilled. Every spare minute today has been spent admiring the new baby. He cries a lot, but that is to be expected from one so small.

And did I mention?

It's a cat. :-)
Now for a little math.
Plus this:
Equals Trouble.
They're eating together. (And I did what any good mommy would do - I got the camera and took a picture, and THEN she got in trouble for eating with the cat!)
The poor little kitty didn't know what he was getting into when he came to live with us! So far, today he has been hit, poked, chased, yelled at, hung from a leash (his "tail" as Ju calls it), had his (real) tail pulled, swung around in his carrier, and had food thrown at him - and this was just the first day! Hopefully she'll get the hang of things before they kill each other. She loves to feed him, and if I have him in his cage, she is glued in front of it talking to him, asking if he wants out, sticking her fingers inside, etc. I have to put him up so he can get some rest!
And did I mention that I'm allergic to cats?
Oh, the things that we do for our children!


Brittany said... cute! Don't ask my boys for a name. I'll tell ya right now what they'd name it - "CAT". You'd have to see my last post to understand...
He sure is cute, I love kittens! But, like you, I get all sneezy and watery eyed!

June Robinson said...

Poor kitty, hope he survives. Tell JuJu to be more careful. We have a cat named Shadow, because he is afraid of his own shadow. His full name is Prince ShadowMeow.

Brad and Dana George said...

I love your new cat. He reminds me of when my 5 orange kitties were little. Don't ask me for a name though. All mine have weird names.

Gillian Davis said...

His name is (kinda sorta) Tigger - or 'Kigger' as Ju calls him. At the rate she is terrorizing the poor thing, he may not need a name for very long! :-)