Friday, October 16, 2009

Post # 52 .... In which the author finds no time (or inclination) to blog, an doesn't even try to make excuses.

Other than the fact that I'm roughly the size of a small hippopatomus, bear a slight resemblance to an inverted camel, and am currently being eaten by a boa constrictor, I mean, small carnivorous beastie named Juliana (she's jumping on me, trying to eat my nose, and screeching everytime I try to put her down that she's 'slared' and needs to be 'resc'ed').
I had pictures of a couple of my recent projects to post, only to discover that I took pics of the construction process and failed to get any of the finished object. Silly me. So, I guess you don't get any of THOSE! :-) (They were both items for a very small person named Connor)
Speaking of Connor, Ju has been pretty adamant that she doesn't think we need a baby at our house. She's ok with a baby in Mommy's tummy, as long as he stays THERE. So, Connor Adamson was born about a month ago, and since, well, she's decided that a baby might be not be too bad of an idea. She was holding him yesterday, and said "Mommy, can we keep him?". Of course, she has baby dolls bigger than he is...

(Heather, I apologize in advance for any mental, psychological, or physical damage my daughter causes your son. And thanks for keeping her while I got to the Doctor; You've preserved some of my sanity!)

As for OUR baby, he's growing like a weed, trying to see how far he can stick his feet out before Mommy pushes them back where they came from, trying out new positions daily, and getting the hiccups on a regular basis. The hiccups are one thing I could REALLY do without. Only 11 more weeks to go! (or 12 or 13...)
Here's a few random pics from the last few weeks:
Playing with some of her favorite people - Aunt Beth, and BOYS (any boys will do - it doesn't have to be those particular ones...)
Doesn't she look comfy?
We took her to the fair so she could ride some rides... she definitely doesn't have her Dad's stomach - she was spinning so fast my camera couldn't keep up!
...and here's her fat Mommy...


Brittany said...

Hey Gillian! I enjoyed your update, you ever thought of becoming a writer?! Hope you all are enjoying fall:)

Charity said...

Cute pictures! Your post was fun to read! :)

June Robinson said...

Enjoyed the update. JuJu is getting so big. Can't wait to see the new little guy. Keep posting.