Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Life, as we know it:

Where to begin? I have been woefully neglecting this thing, haven't I?
I shall now attempt to update you on the happenings in our lives over the past month or so - if I can keep from falling asleep on my keyboard! (You have to give me a break here - growing a person is hard work!)
The first week of November was revival with Rev. Larry Pettit; enjoyed hearing him preach again and feeling the presence of the Lord. (that reminds me - got to finish posting the sermons on the church website http://www.westlakepilgrimnazarene.com/ - Oh, Bother!)
The day after revival ended, we set off for Missouri. A friend that Brad used to work with when we lived there had called and asked him to come do a drywall finishing job for him, and we wanted to go spend some time with the family there, so off we went.
Juliana loved being able to stay at MoMo & Bapaw's house - and of course MoMo spoiled her rotten. She also got to rake leaves one day with Pop M&M (Brad's dad), and had a blast!

She also had a little birthday party with family (and Heidi & Emily Boardman, but they're kinda family, too :-) ), one night with a PRINCESS cake! She's very into princesses right now, so that made her day, as well as all the cool stuff she got - Heidi, she's already worn out that aquadoodle thing ya'll got her!

Of course, while we were there, Brad and I both managed to catch a nasty little bug. He was sick for several days, and I tried to puke the baby out, but somehow he stayed in there, and we made it back home without any permanant damage - I think.

November 19th, we headed south again. Drove from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and stopped to go to a Gaither concert. We had gotten free tickets for it, and our seats were front and center - 10th row back from the stage! Would have enjoyed it more if we hadn't just traveled for 8 1/2 hours to get there, but it was a good concert anyway!
Got out of there around 10 and made the 2-hour trip back to our house.

Saturday (the 21st), the ladies from our church had a baby shower for me - with a John Deere theme! :-) I didn't get any pictures, 'cause my camera batteries decided to die on me - BOTH sets of them! Anyhow, we got some lovely things for the baby, and had a good time with all the ladies. Thank you, Sis. Adamson, and all of the others who helped out!

After that came Thanksgiving, then a very special day -
On the 28th, our baby girl turned 3!

She's grown so much in three years - already so grown up in some ways - and in other ways NOT. (We aren't going to discuss the potty thing right now...) Just in the last few weeks, she's learned to draw (she can do a pretty good Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucmber), she's learning her alphabet, she can count to 20 (usually with no help, although 14 & 15 still confuse her every once in a while), and she tries to help mommy do the dishes and cook. She's pretty good with unloading the dishwasher - the stuff she can reach, at least - but she wants to play in the sink now; if I leave water in the sink, she's reaching over and dipping stuff in it and stirring...one time I even found her with one of her play cups, dipping soapy water out of the sink and drinking it! Her tastebuds definitely aren't grown up yet! :-)

As for the little guy, he's still in there - wiggling away. I've been having contractions off and on for several weeks now (enough that they told me last week to take it easy, rest lots, drink lots, and try to keep him in there 'til 36 weeks...) but no baby yet. I went in for Doctor's appointment yesterday, and when she walked in she said, "I really didn't expect to see you in here this week"! Comforting, huh? Anyway, if he hasn't come by next Monday (my next appt.), they're going schedlue a time to induce - around 38 weeks. For some reason they think this kid is going to fall out if I sneeze or anything (I've tried it and it doesn't work.).

So, I guess we'll have a baby sometime between now and Christmas! :-) We're trying to get his room ready so he'll at least have a place to sleep when he gets here.

So that's a few things that happened in the last month or so. I can't promise you I'll have more time to update in the future, but I'll at least let you know when the baby comes! :-)

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June Robinson said...

Glad to see you updated. Can't wait to see the new little bundle of boy. Juju is growing like a bad weed! She is so cute. Take care and have a merry Christmas.