Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The First Popsicle of Spring

It's official: Spring has sprung!
The kids had their first popsicle of the season today.

I found a cheap popsicle mold at Walmart the other day, so I bought it. Ever since, Ju has been bugging me to make popsicles for them, so yesterday I gave in.
And today, after 3,582 'Are they ready yet?'s, and about the same number of 'Can we eat them now?'s, after church tonight I let them have them.

Bubby seemed to be spending and extraordinary amount of time looking at his, so I told him several times to lick it.
This is what I got:

"Wickin' it, Mom! I Wickin' it!"

Wow. I think she got her dad's mouth! ;)

I made them with chocolate ('scuse me, according to Jonathan that should be 'chwocwate') pudding so the mess was minimal....if you don't count what was all over their faces!

Now to find a popsicle mold that is smaller. Jonathan didn't make it through much more than half of his - it was just too big. Now, my other child - the one with the bottomless stomach - didn't have a bit of trouble with it.

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