Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Who is this 'JUNE' and what happened to May?! (or, TN. Trip Part 1)

Ok, I blinked a couple of times, and May disappeared...Weird....
See, the last time I posted, we were getting ready to go to Tennessee. Brad had to go for a week of training at the Hunt Bros. Pizza Headquarters in Nashville, so the kids and I decided to tag along and visit the grandparents.
So, on the way, we stopped to spend the weekend with some friends:

We went to the Southern Museum of Flight in Birmingham....

 Ju had a lot of fun playing with Jackson and Carson.

 Jonathan could not understand why he wasn't allowed to drive all the airplanes; he'd run up to each one and say,  "I dribe DIS one!" only to be disappointed time after time when we told him that, no, he wasn't allowed to get in that one, either.  Finally we found one that was open so that they could climb in: 
He promptly climbed in the 'driver's' seat....
But, alas, there were no keys.
 Over and over, he'd ask,
'Where's da keys, Ma?'

 'Dad! Where's da keys?'

 We finally found one he could REALLY drive - in the playroom.
He dragged it over to the playroom door, and was trying to open the door and get it out; I had to tell him that the museum probably wouldn't like it if we stole their rocket ship.

Then we drove to Calera, Alabama to see Thomas the Tank Engine.  Thomas only goes through a couple of times a year, and as it happened, that was one of the times he would be there, so we had to take the kids to see him!
Waiting on the train.

 There's Thomas!!!!

 Riding in a coach 'pulled' by Thomas.

They had a little petting zoo set up, so the kids went to visit the animals.

Jonathan believes in sharing, so he promptly offered the goat a chance to blow his new train whistle. The goat thought about it for a minute, but eventually declined.

 Unfortunately, someone left our camera at the air museum, so I was camera-less for the Train excursion, but Brittany graciously consented to share her picture with me...Thank you, Brittany!  (Thankfully, the museum staff wrapped up the camera and placed it in some bushes so that we could pick it up after hours, so no one had to try to drive back and get it before closing time. It was safely retrieved later.)

Overheard in the backseat on the way to eat supper (Carson rode with us):
Juliana: "Carson, I like you if you like me!"  
Carson: "I like you, too. Y'know, I'm older than you, but you're bigger than me.....that's just weird!"
Juliana: "Yeah, that IS weird!"

David, Brittany, and kiddos: Thanks for allowing us to come. We enjoyed staying in your home and worshipping with you and your people! We'll have to do it again sometime.

Stay tuned for Part 2 - The Grandparents!

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Brittany said...

That was fun wasn't it!?! We were glad you all came, and we were also happy to share our pics with ya ;) Those kiddos did have some interesting conversations! =)