Friday, November 1, 2013

On Witches and Zombies & Ghosties - Revisited!

Hey, it's me again.

Just wanted to do some clarifying on my Halloween posts - a disclaimer, if you will.

  • First of all, if I offended anyone with my posts, I'm sorry. I meant no offense whatsoever. I was merely thinking out loud as I often do, and researching and writing things down. As often happens with me, I sit down to write a little non-dramatic post, and before I know it, all these words are pouring out of my fingers. Seriously, I can go back and read something I've written and wonder if I really wrote it. While I don't claim that all of my posts are inspired, very often I do feel that God is putting something on my heart and mind, and when I begin to actually write it out it becomes something so much more than I ever intended it to be. Whether this is one of those times, or just me waxing wordy, I couldn't tell you! :) (not that I'm admitting to ever being wordy or anything...)
  • That being said, I am not now, nor at any time have I had any intention of judging you less of a Christian than I if you do choose to participate in the Halloween festivities. You have to make the decision of what is best for your family, and I will trust that you have done your best to seek the will of God in anything you choose to do or not do.
  • Also, I am not 'scared' of Halloween, and I am fully confident that God is quite big enough to handle it (without my help, no less!). I personally don't think that the typical witches-and-zombies-and-dead stuff emphasis that is put on the day is at all glorifying to God for all the reasons I mention in my previous posts,  but I don't think God closes up shop for the day just because there's a lot of devilish stuff going on. 
  • And yes, I did turn out all of my outside lights, and huddle up inside. Why? Because it was a stormy, nasty night; I had no candy to give trick-or-treaters; therefore, we closed up. (And, personally, I find it rather horrifying to have people walking up and knocking on my door. Does that mean I can't be a Christian because I don't love my neighbors? Actually, I like the ones I know just fine, and would not hesitate to help them out if needed. I just can't handle large quantities of uninvited guests. I have a hard time with invited guests, actually. Just another quirk of my particular hermit-ish personality type. Judge away!)  Instead, we watched a 'scaring' movie with our kids (Monsters University, if you're wondering), and ate popcorn and ice cream (they did, at least). Guess I should have turned on the lights and handed out gospel tracts. (and cleaned up the resulting TP on the lawn this morning...)
  • Yes, the kids did dress up. We took them to Boo at the Zoo last weekend in their costumes and they trick-or-treated with the animals, and we went to church for a fall party tonight and they got to dress up again! Here's the proof: 
Miss Tinkerbell

And her friend Peter Pan.

...and I'm pretty sure Peter Pan is getting some rather mischievous ideas in his head...  

Yep, 'fraid so...

So, I hope that helped clarify my intentions on my series of posts about Halloween. Hope you'll come back and visit me sometime!! :)  
 (Not sure why my pictures are going all kooky on me... they don't seem to want to stay how I put them!)

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