Monday, December 23, 2013

We Wish You a Merry Christmas...

I had big plans...this year, I was going to get pictures taken and order Christmas cards  AND get them sent out (that's the big one, there - I usually forget to mail them.)

I should have known it wouldn't work out like that.

First of all, every time we made plans to take pictures, something came up and it didn't work out. So, no family picture.

Finally, last week, since it was clear we weren't going to get a family picture made, I went digging through my files for some recent pics I'd done of the kids and designed a card. Obviously, since it was so close to Christmas, I wasn't going to be able to shop around and find the best prices, since I was going to have to have them printed here in town.   Office Depot was having a sale, so I chose them.

Apparently that was a bad idea, as when I went in the day after ordering, they could even find my order on the computer, and then when they got them printed after I had to email it to them, they were so badly pixelated that the text was nearly unreadable in places.
So, now it's two days before Christmas, I have a stack of unusable cards, AND I'm out the money I paid to get them printed. I'm still waiting to hear back from Customer Service if they'll give me my money back.

In the mean time, I don't have cards to send out, so and e-card is going to have to do! :)

So here you go - if you think you should get a Christmas card from us, this is for you!!

(you can click to view larger)

Merry Christmas!!

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Brittany said...

That's terrible that they messed up your cards! Maybe they'll give you a refund, here's hoping. And what a pretty card it was, too! Merry Christmas to all of you =)