Saturday, March 15, 2008

In The Beginning...

The Davis Family, at least this branch of it, began in the year 2002, when a girl named Gillian, the youngest of the six Graham kids, went to Bible college. She had lived most of her life in the state of Tennessee, where she was raised on a farm - a country girl, you could say.
A few months later, a young man from Oklahoma by the name of Brad also decided to attend the same Bible college. He was the oldest in his family, with a younger brother and sister, and (gasp!) a preacher's kid (you hear stories about these preacher's kids!).
I suppose you think you know the rest of the story...Boy meets Girl, they fall in love, they get married...And you're right!
On August 20th of 2004, they were married, and, they lived peacefully until November 28, 2006 when their daughter, Juliana, was born.
Things have not been peaceful since.

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Linda said...

That makes a beautiful story!