Monday, March 17, 2008

The Wearing O' The Green...Or Not

Happy St. Patrick's Day! If you forgot to wear green today, consider yourself pinched! :-)

Juliana has been practicing the piano again tonight, in fact, she's playing right now! Her daddy got this little video of her.

Only three more days until Spring! YAY! Winter gets old after a week or so of it! Today started out kind of nasty and wet, but this afternoon when I went to do my piano lesson, it was sunny and about 64 degrees. Thank You, Lord! Maybe we'll be able to grow enough grass this week for Puddytat to hunt Easter eggs this Sunday. :-)

She's stopped playing the piano for now...she came in and climbed up on my lap to give me a kiss! Oh, the joys of being a mommy! Kisses dripping with drool, but you won't catch us turning them down, because our baby is telling us she loves us in the only way she knows how.


Melissa said...

What a nice surprise to find you blog(from Brittany). It is nice to find friends who blog, it is a great way to keep up with everyones lives. Stop by and visit my blog sometime Your little girl is so cute, we are still waiting for God to send us a blessing. So for now I babysit a 2year old. What fun! Well I guess that's enough rambling.
Melissa Miller

Trisha said...

Hi Gillian! Found your site through Brittany's. Glad to see you joined the blog community. It is nice to keep up with everyone's lives, see how the kids are growing, etc. Hope you are all doing well. Your little girl has grown a lot since Camp! Talk to youlater. You can visit my blog @ if you want to stop by. Trisha

Charity said...

Howdy from Texas! I found your blog via Melissa's. :) It's fun keeping in touch this way with everyone! Juliana sure is growing fast! I know you enjoy her, she looks like a bundle of fun! :)