Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Juliana's First Special

Well, Juliana has made her first venture into the world of singing in public. On Sunday, April 20, the kids were singing the special for the night service. While we were practicing, Juliana went up on the platform with them and was singing, clapping and dancing like she usually does when there's music going on. We weren't going to let her sing for the service (she's only 17 months old!), but she was sitting with "WoWo" (Lauren Truitt) during church, and when WoWo left to go sing, she started crying wanting to go, too. Well, (to my dismay) nobody wanted her to cry so they let her go. She waltzed up to the platform, took her place with the little kids, and 'sang' happily! This was all very nerve-wracking for me, as I was playing the piano and could just imagine her tearing something up, pulling the mic down on her head, knocking the (glass) pulpit down or something else exceedingly disastrous, but it all went very well, thank the Lord, and her Daddy took a break from running the sound to get this clip of them. She's the little one in the yellow dress.

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Brittany said...

She's turning into quite a little performer! So cute - good thing you were able to catch it on video.

Trisha said...

Quite the little star. Sounds like they did a great job and she was very glad to be included! Trisha