Thursday, October 14, 2010

Conversations with a 3-year-old

Today, we were sitting on the back porch, watching the clouds go by, when Juliana all of a sudden says,
"I can't see God's face."
I explained to her that God lives in Heaven and we won't see His face until we get there.
Awhile later:
Ju: Where does God live?
Me: In Heaven.
Ju: How do we get to Heaven?
Me: Well, you either have to die, or wait until Jesus comes and gets us and takes us there.
Ju: I'm not ready to go to Heaven.
Me: The only way to be ready to go to Heaven is to ask Jesus to come live in your heart and help you to be a good girl.
Ju: But I AM a good girl!
Me: But you have to ask Jesus to live in your heart.
Ju: Ok. I will. (mumbles) heaven...Come live in my heart, Jesus. ok, I did it!
Ju: Who's that fella that lives in Heaven?
Me: God?
Ju: No, the other one.
Me: Jesus?
Ju: Um, yeah. No, Lord.
Me: The Lord?
Ju: Yeah, now we have wait for the Lord to come and get us!
:) Guess she's ready to go now!

Not only was she ready to go, she went and found her favorite barbies, then came and told me it was time to go. I tried to explain to her that we can't take anything with us when we go, but she informed me that she 'just needs her dolls'. She also wated to know if God had a potty she could use when she got there, and where she was going to sleep, and if God had jammies, or did she need to take hers?
These are not questions that are answered in the Bible, folks. :)
Of course, she was very disappointed when I told her that we probably wouldn't go to Heaven today. Tomorrow, then?' she says.
'It might be tomorrow, but then it might not be until you grow up and get old.'
'Oh, then the next day.'
Then she came and informed me:
"I don't want to see my God today."
"I just want to go to MooMoo's and get my dolls. We'll go see God another day!"

Sounds like she's got it down - Lord, I want to see you, but wait until I do all the things I want to do first, and then you can come back!
Later on she decided that she wanted to go to Heaven today, after all.
How do I explain to her?
I tried to tell her that the only way you can get to Heaven is either to die, or wait until Jesus comes back; she doesn't want to die (she informed that 'boys die, girls don't'!?!), so she said she'd wait for Jesus, but she doesn't understand why He's not here yet!
But wait a minute- isn't that how we're all supposed to feel?

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Amy said...

Very thought provoking. I love to read what you've been thinking about and see your little ones. I now have a little one of my own. His name is Aaron Paul. Love, Amy Massengill Jewell