Friday, March 23, 2012

The Official Taste-Test

Earlier today, I was making a chocolate cake for one of Brad's co-workers (after eating a couple of pieces of the one that I made for my ma-in-law for her birthday -who works at the same place Brad does- this lady requested a cake of her own, so in return for some pizza, I made her a cake!); of course, a good cook never wants to send her baked goods off into the world without a test first, so I submitted my chocolate frosting recipe to my official chocolate taste-tester.

He approved!
(yes, I do realize that there are toys under the edge of my cabinet...and the towel is crooked...and the floor needs swept...
Actually, I mopped the floor shortly after this picture was taken. The toys, alas, are probably still there.
And I do put clothes on my child occasionally. However, he IS 2 years old, and one of his newfound skills is removing clothing. All of it.)

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to remember to get a picture of the cake. But, with a little help, I'm sure you can picture it...
round, brown, looks kind of like, um, well...hmm, how do I describe this...Oh YEAH! It looked like a CHOCOLATE CAKE! :D
And, while the cake looked fairly yummy, I personally think the taste-tester is about the cutest I've ever seen!!!

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