Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So you think God doesn't care about your little problem?

So you think God doesn't care about your little problem?
On Tuesday night, the kids and I came out of Walmart in the pouring rain, got in our truck...and it wouldn't start. Wouldn't turn over, nothing.
Oh, did I mention that my husband is working in Baton Rouge (on the other side of the state) and won't be home 'til Thursday (or something like that)?
Some time passed....I called the hubby and stuff like that, and during that time I tried it several times....nothing. 

After I got off of the phone, I finally I told the kids that we needed to ask Jesus to fix our car (you have to understand that for me to call someone and ask them for help there has to be NO other option. Ok, for me to call someone period, it has to be almost an emergency...just a strange quirk in my personality). 

Juliana laughed and told me that Jesus doesn't fix cars; I told her that he does - that Jesus can fix anything!

She said, 'well, I've never seen Him do anything like that!' But a moment later, I heard her murmuring, 'Jesus...please fix our car...'

A couple of minutes later, I put the key in, turned it....and it started.

We drove home. I started it again just for fun. 

Wanna rethink the answer to that first question? :)


But the story doesn't end there:

The next day....

After our little adventure with the truck not starting the night before, it was fairly obvious that I was going to have to get a new battery - and quickly. It did start every time I needed it throughout the day taking Juliana to school and what-have-you, though it was struggling greatly. When I parked it at Walmart to have them install the battery, just from the time I turned it off and went and handed the keys to the mechanic,
 to him starting it it almost didn't start...so not only did Jesus fix it for us that night, He kept it running until I could get it fixed!

Now for the rest of the story:
I went to Walmart to get a battery, wondering all the way how I was going to fit this expense in the budget with all of the other extra expenses we're going to have this month - and believe me, there's plenty - not just two birthdays and Christmas (didn't we time the birth of our children well? We have Thanksgiving, a birthday, two weeks later another birthday, and then Christmas!) but one vehicle just had to have a brake line repaired, it needs new brake pads NOW, I need new tires on the back of both vehicles, plus quite a few other fairly large expenses that we don't normally have.
 Please understand, I'm not telling this to make anyone feel sorry for us - we'll make it.
 I'm just telling you that God works on behalf of His people.

Back to my story...They installed the battery for me, and I went in to pay. After waiting for a bit for a CSM to come approve a battery exchange (to get the core fee waived since I gave them the old battery), the lady at the desk rang everything up and said,
 'Ok, looks like all you owe me is $10.87!'
The battery should have been $99.97 + tax

Apparently the old battery had been in just under three years (it was in when we bought it, so I  had no idea how old it was) and was still under warranty!

$11.00 instead of $111.00? I'll take it!!!!! :)

Isn't God good?

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