Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Easter Project For the Kids (and some kid pics)

A while back, as I was perusing the interwebz, looking actually for an embroidery pattern, I spied this one on Pinterest. I thought about it for a bit, and I says to myself, "I could do that". Of course, I don't have an embroidery machine, so a little creative engineering was required.
It was a bright idea, not unlike many other bright ideas I've had over the years, however, UNLIKE many of my other ideas, this one actually got finished!! :)

Of course, since Peeps are so much more colorful and cheerful than chocolate bunny rabbits I went with Peeps (My kids like colorful...).

I made the template using Printmaster 2.0...and then switched to Paint.net because for some reason this version of Printmaster won't let you mirror-image - another flaw in what used to be an awesome program. (I do like PM 2.0 for digital scrapbooking, but for all the stuff I normally use a publishing program for, they failed majorly on this version.) I originally designed each page separately, but then realized that to conserve the transfer paper, I should do it this way; this is what is looked like when I was finished (before I mirrored them):

For the Peep appliques, I used a downloadable coloring page I found here, and resized them to fit the shirts I was using.

Two T-shirts (from Hobby Lobby), one package of Printable Iron-On transfer paper (Hanes brand, from Hobby Lobby - what can I say? Hobby Lobby is like a mile from my house!), two small pieces of quilting fabric (for the Peeps), some iron-on applique stuff, and little sewing time later...

Here they are!

Sorry I didn't get a close-up of the shirts - they weren't exactly feeling cooperative that day!

I thought they turned out cute, and if you know my kids, it fits them! Someone asked Jonathan at one point during the day if he would REALLY trade his sister for candy, and without even pausing to think about it, he replied, "Yep!".
See how they love each other?

Now for a few more pictures, 'cause I have such cute kiddos... :)

 Hey, they actually both looked at the camera at the same time!

 This one will pose for you... the other one? Not so much.

 Such a cute face on such a mischievous boy...


 If that's not the face of a stinker, I don't know what is!

And one last one:

The monkeys and their daddy.

Note: After washing the shirts, I must say I wouldn't recommend the Hanes Printable Transfer paper...They've worn the shirts once, I washed them once, and when I removed them from the dryer the words were faded and cracked badly, as well as dingy in the blank space around the words (the 1/4" of extra the instructions said to leave around the design). I followed the instructions on the package exactly. If someone has used another brand (or even this brand) and had better results, let me know!  I still have most of the package, so I'd like to be able to use it for something...


Laura Engle said...

Cute pics of the kiddos! Happy Easter to you all:)

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