Thursday, July 4, 2013

In Which the Author Explains Her Adventures in Wedding Apparel-Land

Fear Not, my beloved friends, family, and random-people-who-stalk-my-blog! I have not forgotten you!

Well, at least not TOTALLY!

Actually, I've been waiting to get pictures to follow up on my last post, but, alas, no pictures are forthcoming.
So, I shall fill you in my comings and goings since I saw you last!

When I last posted, I was trying to find an outfit to wear to an upcoming wedding...well, the wedding has come and gone. You, my friends, had the chance to vote for an outfit for me, and out of five votes cast (!), the majority voted for the first one:
 Coral Lace

My readers had spoken - so I went with the first one.

First of all, I ordered the top.
After checking the size charts, etc. and seeing that my size fell on the chart in the normal size that I wear, I ordered that one. (duh.)
It came.
It didn't fit.
It was Waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too big - like, 2 or three sizes too big.
So, I sent it back, and ordered the next size down.

In the mean time, I went tot he store to buy lace to make the skirt.
Four out of five stores no longer had the lace in coral.

Apparently, coral is rather popular this year.

I eventually found it at one of the stores (the highest priced one, of course), and hurriedly bought what I needed.
Only one problem. They were out of lining in that color.
I scrambles back around to various fabric selling stores (forgetting to bring the lace to compare the color), and FINALLY found a fabric I thought would match. (On sale, no less)
I bought it, and dragged my exhausted self home.
It didn't match.

Not to be (too) discouraged, I went to walmart and bought a coral maxi skirt that was three sizes too big - I figured I could use that to line it, in a pinch. It matched perfectly, but since I'd paid full price for it, my penny-pinching conscience was giving me what-for about it, so I went back to dig in my fabric stash.
Well, whaddaya know - I had the perfect fabric all along! A slightly stretchy, lightweight satin-weave twill I got for $1 a yard several years ago, and never used up...
After all that, it took me about 2 hours to finish up the skirt.
It really did turn out pretty!

But what happened to my top?!
Well, about 4 days before I was supposed to leave for the wedding, it came. I rushed to get it out and try it on...

(is the suspense killing you yet??? No? *sigh*)

It didn't fit.
STILL too big.

I quickly went to my computer...calculated the time it had take the last two packages to arrive, contacted the   store I had purchased it from, and decided that I just had enough time - if I had it shipped to Missouri (where the wedding was going to be); so I bought the next size down.

Risky business, I know.
(Turns out, it made it to Missouri before I did - I ended up not going when I had planned, instead traveling with my husband three days later)

To make a long story a bit shorter, when I finally got the opportunity to try the whole outfit on, it all fit...and looked half-way decent, too.

So, if you ever order anything from, order your shirt 2 sizes smaller than normal. I normally wear a size 16 (should I admit that?), and the size 12 top ended up fitting perfectly. I haven't worn a size 12 since before my first child was born...back when I was skinny. :)

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I didn't get a single picture of myself at the wedding. (I am in some of the professional shots that were taken, but I don't have those) So, you'll have to take my word for it. It really was cute together. And comfortable - though my shoes were NOT.

But, just to satisfy your picture-loving selves, I did take some 300+ pictures during the rehearsal/wedding/reception, and I DO happen to have some of my handsome husband and adorable children! :) (Although, if you're my friend on facebook, you've already seen them, I'll share for those that aren't)

Juliana was a junior bridesmaid (the spots all over her dress are where she held a cold bottle of water with her dress because it was freezing her hands...thankfully, it had time to dry before the wedding started)

This ringbearer takes his duties VERY seriously!

Jonathan having a chat with his Uncle Trent - the groom

My men in their tuxes

This is what you get when you have two small children who have had their picture taken about 300 times in the space of a couple of hours...

I'm afraid we may have to keep a leash on this one in a few years...the girls tried to leave after the picture, and he wouldn't let go of their hands! 

One of my two handsome guys. :)

My princess with her Mo-Mo - Brad's grandmother.

And, last but not least:
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Trent Davis! 

It was a lovely wedding. We welcomed a new sister into the family, and enjoyed spending time with friends and family. 
And I successfully managed to avoid the camera... :D

And I promise, I'll get you pictures some time!

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Brittany said...

This will simply not do - you're gonna have to post pics of that outfit! ;) As I read what all you went through for it, I was thinking to myself, that sounds just like how things usually work out for me :) I've done the whole bounce back and forth between fabric stores only to use something I had at home thing too many times! Glad it all came together, even if it did have you on pins and needles (maybe literally??) there for a while.
The pics of the little people are CUTE! Just can't help but love a little guy in a tux =)