Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Opinions Wanted...

Ok, all my lovely fashionable friends... I have a question for you.

In about a month, we will be attending the wedding of a family member. In trying to find something to wear to this wedding, I have come to the conclusion that the things I imagine in my head do not exist- at least, not at a price I am willing to pay, so I may make myself something. I'm really liking the idea of coral lace - I've been wanting to do something with lace for a while now, and what better opportunity! 
I have a couple of ideas floating about in my pea-brain, but can't decide which one I want to pursue - that's where you come in!

Below is my Polyvore pic - kind of a rough draft of what I'm imagining using the available pics. 

Outfit 1 is a ruffled white top with coral lace pencil skirt - I would probably buy the top shown (I've been eyeing it anyway, and I have a 40% discount I could use), and make the skirt just a little less pencil-y and below the knee-ish.

Outfit 2 is a simple lace dress with white/cream cardigan/shrug. I was actually thinking more of a shrug with a drapey ruffle -  like this one, only with longer sleeves. I would probably make the skirt a little less gathered, probably either circular or a-line. 

So, here they are:

Coral Lace

Please offer any feedback/opinions/constructive criticism
you might have...unless it's mean, then kindly refrain
 - of course, I don't think any of my loyal readers would
have anything mean to say! :) If you think I should totally
ditch these ideas and go a totally different direction, by all means,
let me know that, too - just some guidelines: I'd like to stay in
the coral hues, and it is an outdoor wedding in June (in other words,
nothing too formal or stifling).
Alright - GO! 


Jonathan and Judith Otto said...

I'm going with outfit #1. Absolutely love it :-)

GLOANN said...

I love both of those outfits, but I'm thinking the dress and shrug would be more comfortable. If the skirt could be an aline then okay, but I think that type top definitely needs a pencil skirt. The dress would be so much better with having little ones to see about. Either one would be a lovely choice for a wedding or other dressy occasion. Hoping you're able to find the fabric to sew what you want. In today's world it can be so hard to find nice fabric at an affordable price.

Now you don't know me so my opinion really doesn't matter that much but I love modesty and fashion and think they can go together beautifully with some thought. I have a May wedding coming up and I'm wearing a rich brown linen dress with a ruffly creamy sweater and a coral flower pinned to the sweater.

Brittany said...

Oh my, I like them BOTH! But if it were *me*, I'd go with the first one, just because a pencil skirt sounds a lot easier to make than a dress! ;) But I love the idea of a lace dress, too - so classy. I love that white blouse, where is it from?

Gillian Davis said...

Well, 2 out of 3 say #1...I guess that's a 2/3 vote! :)

Welcome, GLOANN. Though I may not know you, I asked for opinions, so everyone's opinion counts! I agree that modesty and fashion CAN go together with a little maneuvering!

Brittany, the top is from JessicaLondon.com - I just bought it for 14.99 +shipping! SCORE! Unfortunately for you, it's a website specializing in plus sizes - so unless you can figure out a way to fit in a size 12, you're out of luck on this one - sorry! And you're right - the skirt will be easier to make, but I do like to sew, so I don't mind the more difficult stuff!

Thanks to each of you for your input! I've ordered the top - and will go get the fabric sometime soon, hopefully. Anyone want to suggest shoes? The ones I pictured, I'm not sure if I like with the white top.

Kimberly said...

i think i vote for the skirt and top, too! very cute!!:) (impressive that you can make it!)