Saturday, August 16, 2008

See Elmo!

Last night we took Juliana to see Sesame Street Live. She's been begging to see Elmo for weeks, so Grandma (MoMo) Davis bought tickets for herself, JuJu and I to go. I'd told her all day that we were going to see Elmo, but she didn't really understand. When we got there, she saw all the stuffed toys they wree selling and started hollering, "See Elmo!". I guess she thought that that was what we had come to see!
When the show started, Big Bird and some of the others came out first-she calls Big Bird 'quackquack'! When Elmo came on the stage, her eyes got huge, and she looked at me and said with wonder, "It's Elmo!" For the next half hour, her eyes were glued to the stage! When they went off for intermission, she was very perturbed that Elmo had left. Whne they finally came back on, she settled down with the popcorn bucket between her legs, and enjoyed the show!
We had kind of wondered if she was really old enough to care about it, and if it would be worth the money that we had to pay for the was worth it! When the show finally ended, she almost seemed in a daze, but we got about halfway home, and she started giggling! She was in the back seat in her carseat, laughing her head off! Needless to say, Grandma and I laughed the rest of the way home, too!

Here she is with Elmo:


Eating popcorn

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Jennifer Truitt said...

Looks like Julianna had a great time with Elmo!! Glad you all got to go! Hope your week is going good! Jen