Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Juliana!

Last night we had a birthday party for Juliana. Her birthday is actually Friday, but we went ahead and had the party a little bit early. It's hard to believe my baby is already 2!

This is her 2 years ago, about 15 minutes after she was born.

This was 1 year ago, at her first birthday party.

2 years old!
This was the only full length picture I got of her birthday dress, apparently. It had a 2 on the bow.

Playing on her new toy - a bouncy zebra

She HAD to give Elmo a ride

Now they're both going to ride the zebra

Decisions, decisions....

Two-year-olds and fire do not mix well. She almost stuck her finger in one of the candles, and I guess we scared her so bad telling her it was hot, she wouldn't even try to blow them out after that.

At least she knew what to do with the cake this year. Last year, it took three people to even get her to taste it, after which, she promptly made a mess!

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