Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life, In General

I guess I should post something, but there hasn't been much going on! :-)
This past Friday, my old friend, Dana (Barfield) George came to spend the weekend with me while her husband went hunting. It was great to see her again! The last time we were together was at her wedding, 4 years ago in January, so it's definitely been a while. We've kept in touch by email and Facebook, but it's not the same as getting together and acting silly all night! :-) Poor Brad, alone in a houseful of girls!
Juliana had never met Dana, but took to her right away. She wanted Dana to do everything for her, and sat in her lap frequently. (she doesn't sit in anyone's lap for any length of time, generally) It took her a while to figure out her name...she called her YOU, friend, Davis, a cuss word (I'll let you try to figure out which one :-), and finally, Dana.
Speaking of Juliana, she has a new love...VeggieTales! A few weeks ago, she was sick, so Brad went and rented "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" for her. She fell in love immediately! Now ALL VeggieTales are 'Pirates', and she will watch them 10 times a day if I will let her! We've just about exhausted the library's supply - I don't know what we'll do then. So far, she can sing the Veggie theme song (complete with 'boom, boom, boom' of the tuba at the beginning), the Pirate song (We are the Pirates who don't do anything, we just stay home and lie around...), the Hairbrush song (OH, where is my hairbrush?), as well as a new one from "Sheerluck Holmes" called 'Gated Community' (Can I have my ball? Could you get my ball? I kicked it into the tree, and the ball bouced off , and the ball dropped in to the the gated community!) HELP! I'm being attacked by singing vegetables! :-)
I guess it could be worse. At least most of the VeggieTales are either Bible stories or else they teach christian principles. Hopefully she's learning something!
She pretty much has something to say about everything these days. She's learning new words every day, and she's not afraid to use them! She loves to jump and climb - and generally drive her mother crazy! :-0 She can smell candy from a mile away, and will find a way to reach it, no matter how high you put it. Her arms seem to be made out of rubber, and will stretch for a mile or more, and when she stands on her tippy-toes, it adds at least a foot to her height. I know, you probably think I'm exaggerating a little. Well, all I can say is, YOU come keep her for a day or two! :-)
I've been trying to teach her the proper use of 'please', 'thank you', and 'you're welcome'. Well, the other day, she asked me for something, and said thank you when I gave it to her, but before I could reply she said "I Welcome!" Another time, she wanted something and came to me and said, "please, thank you, you're welcome" all at once. I guess she thought she'd go ahead and get it all out of the way!
I'll try to post some pictures before too long. I haven't taken many lately.

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