Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pictures, As Promised

Perhaps someone should explain to her that swimsuits are not generally meant to be worn on the head?

Jumping on the bed-don't worry, I stopped it as soon as I took the picture! :-)

How could anyone resist this grin?

Mommy and the Giggle-bug
This child of ours is SO helpful...I put her in the tub tonight and came back a few minutes later to discover that she had decided to do her own laundry; all of her clothes that I had just taken off of her, plus a towel, were in the tub with her! Then, after she got them 'clean', she took them out and put them beside the tub. If only she had wrung them out first....................
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Brittany said...

Ah yes...the joys of bathing toddlers! I recall one time when a "bug" had the misfortune of being in my boys' bath water...Let's just say they bailed him out into the floor. Did I mention they used big buckets (full of water) to toss him overboard?!! Cute pictures. Y'all have a great Thanksgiving!