Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello, Everybody!

It's been an interesting week!
Tuesday afternoon, we packed up, piled in with the Adamsons, and came to the PNC preacher's meeting in Shreveport, LA. We arrived in time for about the last point of the message! :-)
Today, we went to service this morning at 10, had lunch, and went back for an afternoon session, came back to the hotel and rested for a few minutes (at least...most everybody tried to except Juju-she'd had a little 15 minute nap during the service and thought she shouldn't have to sleep anymore, so she laid beside me in the bed and wiggled, and talked, and talked and wiggled, then wiggled some more! Very restful!), then got ready and went back for another service, went and had supper about 10 tonight and came back to the room! Now we try to sleep for a few hours, then do it all again tomorrow! :-) Seriously, though, Bro. Hedstrom has given some good teaching, and I've enjoyed worshipping today - tonight especially. The message on prayer this morning was wonderful, too. I'm glad I came. I wasn't intending to- Brad and Bro. Adamson were going to come by themselves, but at the last minute Sis. A. found out some plans had changed and she was able to come, and they invited me and Ju to come along. They've been so sweet to us - we appreciate them so much! Ju calls them 'Papa and G'amma A.' and drags them all over them place.
Oh! A little while ago I was looking in Juju's mouth and discovered something...She has a brand new tooth! It is the second molar back on her lower left side. I didn't think she was supposed to be gettin those quite yet - I don't know, but she was sure proud when I found it.
I'll try to post some new pictures of her before too long.


Jennifer said...

Hi, it was so nice to visit with you the other night. I hope all goes well for all of you guys at your new home. Jenny Robinson

Gillian Davis said...

Thanks, Jenny! Your Zach is a doll. :)