Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Baack!!!

Did'ya miss me? (don't answer that...)

Well, we have made it to Lousiana. Brad and Bro. Kenny Adamson, our pastor here, drove up to Cape on Wednesday, January 21 (after Brad worked half a day-it's only 12 hours or so), we loaded up Thursday morning, and pulled out around 2 that afternoon! We made it to Westlake, about 1:30 am, and the Adamsons kindly let us spend the night with them (what was left of it!). Friday morning (NOT early) we headed over here to unload the trailer -ugh! Bro. Myron Brown, Bro. Robin Hood and Arnold Langstaff met us here and helped unload - Thank you so much, guys! It took about 3 hours or so to LOAD the trailer...they had it unloaded in less than 45 minutes!
On to the unPACKING...needless to say, I didn't have THAT done in less than 45 minutes! :-) It's been 2 weeks... and there are still piles of boxes here and there, but it's livable! I've already had dinner guests twice, and many others stop by for a visit!
We enjoyed seeing the Truitt family last week. They came through on their Youth Camp Tour, and stopped here for supper before the service. It was also little Alex's first birthday! Happy Birthday, Alex!
Juliana has enjoyed seeing Aunt Bebe (Bethany), Uncle Tent (Trent) and MuMu (Grandma Trudy). She's always asking if they are coming to see her today! She likes her new 'big girl bed', at least, sometimes she does...she protests when bedtime comes. "Don't wanna go night-night more" she says. One night she woke up about 3:30 in the morning crying, and when and I went to see what was wrong, she told me "I no wanna seep more". I believe she fully intended to stay up the rest of the night, but Mommy had other intentions! So, being the sucker that I am sometimes, I took her to bed with us - bad idea! She laid in between Brad and I, alternately patting our faces, saying "It's 'k, Mommy (or Daddy), i's' a'wight". Then she'd lean over to me and whisper, "Daddy's S'eepin'". After a couple hours of this, I moved her over to the side of the bed (with me in the middle) and she finally ran out of things to talk about and fell back asleep. I told Brad, the next time, I think I'll just give her sleeping pills - they'd probably be better for her health, because we were about ready to strangle her! (just kidding...but it WAS aggravating)
I guess tomorrow we're going to go look for a kitty. I'm hoping if we get a cat it will scare off some of the mice and lizards that seem to think that this place belongs to them! Plus, Ju needs a pet (besides the fish), and she's been wanting a "wow". Hopefully we can find one for free, but we might adopt one from the humane society -they just charge you for the vaccinations.

Well. That's a little bit of what has happened in the last couple of weeks. I just got my internet going today, so there should be more updates in the future!

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