Friday, February 27, 2009

It Takes Courage!

Juliana likes slides. However, she's always been just a little too scared to go down them by herself!
Not anymore!
We'd been out mowing the yard the other day, and I decided to set up her yard toys - house and thing-a-ma-jig (you know, the thing with the slide that you climb on?). Well, I'd turned around to do something else, and from behind me, I heard "Wheeee!!!" (splat), and then "Mommy, lookee!". She'd finally gotten the courage to go down all by herself.
So for the next hour that's what she did:

She climbed up,

Sat at the top and hollered at me to watch her,

Slid down,

And giggled when she got to the bottom.

The slide has been conquered. What's next?

We met the new neighbor....

He's pretty nice.

I think that she was really meant to be a boy -
Here she's poking at one of the many anthills in
the yard with her stick. She thought it was
funny to make the ants mad.
She loves sticks, rocks and dirt.

What do you do when your little girl turns into a tomboy?

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