Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finished Object....February!

I'm not as dedicated as some of you out there...not that I never finish any of my projects. No, No... it's just that by the time Friday rolls around I've forgotten what I finished! :-) So, I introduce to you:

Finished Object February
(in which I show you something I finished last month. But don't expect it every month. I'll forget by then! )

For those of you who don't know me too well - I like to sew. I enjoy knitting, crocheting, embroidery and such, but my favorite, I think, is sewing. There's something about the needle whirring through the fabric...Actually, I think it's because you can really tell you that you are getting somewhere. I'm a fairly patient person, but when it comes to crafty stuff, if I don't finish it pretty quickly, it's not likely to get finished.
Another thing you may not know about me... I don't often make anything just like the pattern or recipe says. I read the directions, and then proceed to do it my way. If I can't see something in my head the way I want it to look when it is finished, It won't ever get finished. Period. There's no reason to start it.'s Saturday morning. Inspiration strikes (it ALWAYS hits on Saturday - I don't why. I guess it's the devil trying to keep me from getting ready for Sunday). I see a pattern or a piece of fabric, and all of the sudden, there's this picture in my head.
So, then, I have to a.) find the proper material to match the picture, or b.) find the pattern to match the picture.
They don't exist. They never do. It's frustrating.
So. I finally find a fabric that will work, and I alter the head image.
But I still need a pattern, right?
So I look through my majestic pattern stash.
I find the pattern I want. End of story. Right? Right???

As I said before, the pattern doesn't exist.
Oh, but the sleeves on this one are right (the rest is all wrong),
the bodice on that one is right, the skirt on another one is right.
In the end, I either use pieces from all of them, or just start cutting and hope it turns out ok.

By this time it is probably late Saturday evening. I should put it away.
Oh, no. I'm just getting started.

Around, oh, let's say 3 a.m. the item is finally finished.
It happens every time.

Why can't my brain just work like ordinary brains?

WAKE UP! I'm finished rambling now.
Here are the pictures;
This is the dress:
(it's a pale aqua and white check. It's a rayon/nylon - with a slight sheen to it. Doesn't wrinkle much. It was great to sew with, only difficulty was that it has it tendency to fray a little.)

and this is the hairbow to match:

I need to take the wire out of the ribbon on the dress bow. It smashes out of shape too badly. For the hairbow, that's fine, 'cause it won't be messed with very much, but for the dress, on a little person, she squiggles around so much that it got all scrunched.

I would show you what it looks like ON, but my model would not cooperate. If I can ever get her to be still long enough, I'll post a picture of her wearing it.

I hope you've enjoyed this edition of:
Finished Object February

Check back next year! :-)


Melissa said...

Very cute. I am going to have to try and sew somethings for Piper. But then again maybe I will just let the Grandma's get her clothes, I'll stick with the crafty stuff.

Brittany said...

I'm SO with you - I always get an idea all laid out in my mind, and then I can't find the stuff I need to do it. ANYWHERE! I, too, get frustrated. Anyway, I love the dress, and I'm sure it's adorable on her! (oh,and I love your new header,too!)

Gillian Davis said...

Grandmas are very handy to have around. I think I could have just about gotten by without ever buying Juliana ANY clothes. Of course, I did, and still do, 'cause I like buying and making cute things for her, but she has more clothes than any child I've ever known - thanks to grandmas and aunties.
Brittany, Maybe our brains just don't realize that theses things don't exist yet? :-)
About the header, thanks. I put that blinkie on, but it didn't match my black and white, so I just HAD to change everything. Good excuse, huh?

RicKaren said...

Adorable dress! I applaude you for likeing to sew. I can do it, but I simply hate it! I don't have the patience! As for your comment on my blog...maybe you didn't notice, but I AM emormous! Not so much in the belly, but I always gain a TON and it spreads out over my entire body like the yeast in sunday's rolls!

Trisha said...

Cute dress!! I am horrible about finishing projects or atleast showing everyone that I even do them.:)