Sunday, March 15, 2009


That's what we've been saying a lot lately - UGH!!
It started about 2 weeks ago on Saturday morning; when Juju got up that morning, she got out of bed by herself, so I had no occasion to visit her bedroom for a couple of hours, but when I did, I smelled a strange smell. Upon further investigation, I discovered that she had, at some point, thrown up all over her bed. Ugh. She was droopy the rest of the day, and complained of her tummy hurting, but other than that, that was the end of it..............or so we thought.
Fast forward a week. (one week ago) Friday afternoon, she all of the sudden decided she doesn't want to play outside anymore, but she wants to go to bed. That right there should have told me something.
1. She ALWAYS wants to play outside - even in the dark.
2. She NEVER wants to go to bed.

I put her to bed, After a while, I heard her kind of cough...she's puking her guts out all over her bed. Ugh!
That was only the beginning.
the rest of the day Friday, and all through the night she threw up, gagged, and threw up some more.
Saturday morning...she finally quit throwing up, only to get a fever. A high fever. Several times through the day and night it got over 103. We were getting very worried.
Sunday morning: the fever breaks....and she starts throwing up again. The the fever come back, and she does both for a while. finally, about 9:30 Sunday night, she asked me if she could go to bed. So I took her to her bed.
About 10:30, I hear noises. I go to check on her. She pops out of bed, and says, "mommy, I get up now!"
I didn't let her get up (mean mother that I am), but she was fine from then on (until Tuesday afternoon when she threw up AGAIN, but it was just once and she was fine again).

Fast forward to I'm sick. UGH!
Actually, I'm feeling better. I'm still nauseated a lot, bt I don't constantly feel like puking - a great improvement.
So how have ya'll been? :-)

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Trisha said...

Ugh! This sounds horrible! Hope all get to feeling better soon! Do you like having a big yard with lemon trees? The kids thought it was so fun to go pick lemons and oranges. It's kind of a fun piece of property! Trisha