Saturday, March 7, 2009


Just wanted to let you know:

If you scroll down, on the left side you will now see a list titled "Money Savers". On that list, you will find links to various sites where you can get coupons for groceries and other items. The link titled "Coupons For All sorts Of Things" will take you to a site where you can order actual coupons and have them mailed to you for a few cents - it's definitely worth what you pay to get them. Also, there is a banner ad where you can clock and print coupons for various items. Right now they have a coupon for $5 off Huggies Gentle Care diapers, and $3 off Huggies Natural Fit - for those of you that use diapers, it's not often that you can find a coupon for more that $2 off Huggies.
I hated to add the takes away from the lovely background, but there IS an upside to it! For every one of you that print coupons from it, I will get paid! (It's just a few cents, but it all adds up, right? Maybe I'll be able to send my daughter to college when she's 75 or so.) Best of all, it costs you nothing to print them! (Except paper and ink)

If ya'll are anything like us, you probably don't have a lot of extra money lying about, so I look for any way I can to save. And, of course, I might as well pass the savings on to my faithful (ha) readers! :-)

Now that I've finished my sales pitch,

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